Visual Brainstorms $12.50

(1 or more players - Ages 10+)

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This smart thinking game won a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award! Assembled herein you will find 100 of the world's best brainteaser puzzle cards, each one guaranteed to challenge, entertain, captivate, amuse , and enlighten you.  Each card is richly illustrated with humorous drawings and diagrams.  Question categories include: eyeball tanglers, logic puzzlers, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3-D befuddlers, physics quandaries, and brain conundrums. 


Question: Lauren's latest entrepreneurial venture is raising pot-belly pigs and ostriches for fun and profit. Among her animals, she has 16 heads and 50 legs. How many pigs and how many ostriches does Lauren have?

Answer: 9 pigs and 7 ostriches.


Visual Brainstorms2 $12.50

(1 or more players - Ages 10+)

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100 More Classic Brain-Twister questions, guaranteed to challenge, entertain, puzzle, and amuse you! 

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