Clue $9.99

(3-5players - Ages 8+)

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Now a card game!  It's 1949 and Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock and the others are up to no good.  Mr. Boddy is the victim of foul play and this time the guilty party has escaped his mansion.  What vehicle was used to make the getaway and where is the culprit heading?  Did Miss Scarlet hop into the flashy roadster and speed away to the Alamo? Or did Professor Plum pilot a seaplane to reach Miami Beach?  It's your job to solve the mystery.  There are hundreds of possibilities, but only one solution!

As in the board game, you'll use a detective note sheet to track information.  Action cards pace the game and provide new ways to get clues.  Be the first to figure out WHO, HOW and WHERE and you'll win!

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